Saturday, September 29, 2007

Views From The Verandah

It's been a little hectic here since the kids have been on holidays, I'm thinking of putting a meter on the car and a light on top because I seem to be taking them (and their mates) here, there and everywhere! lol
Yesterday I found myself in peace, if only for a short while and it was so lovey I just sat out on the back verandah with a coffee and did nothing! Whilst sitting and dreaming I noted looking through the verandah rails that they acted as a frame for the glorious scenery beyond. I guess you never really appreciate what you have most of the time but I am truly blessed. So I grabbed the camera, sat in my chair and started snapping. Thought I would share what I saw.

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Baby

Last but not least, the baby of the family......heck where did that seven years go?? lol
Name: Bailey
Nickname: Bay, Bigboy
Hobbies: Basketball, Cricket, Bugs and Other Critters
Age: 7

Oh boy it really does seem like such a short time ago that I was bringing Bailey home from the hospital so he could be spoilt by all lol.

From the moment he was born he has seemed older than his years, first he looked like an old man, then he acted like one lol. Some of the things he comes out with have always had us convinced that he has been here before!

Bailey is very much a Boy, loves getting dirty, catching bugs, wrestling, climbing trees.......he has no fear and has had several near misses already! He can't be told either (gets that stubborn side from his dad of course lol) and thinks he is indestructible but unfortunately has some scars to prove he isn't........still doesn't slow him down though lol.

He is a tiny little thing (all my kids are short) and when he plays basketball he has the whole crowd giggling and usually the opposition players too as they fight over who's going to play on the "little kid"...........Bailey just giggles away, he hasn't realised yet they are laughing AT him not with him LOL.

I don't know if it is his size or that "butter wouldn't melt in his mouth" smile but he has most people wrapped around his finger shortly after meeting them......That smile really is a killer, it's so full of mischief but it just makes you wanna grab those cheeks and squeeze lol

He certainly keeps me on my toes as he never seems to run out of energy but he is a daily source of laughter in this house and is adored by all his siblings (most of the time lol). I guess you could say he may be a little tiny bit spoilt...maybe lol.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Got Sidetracked

I have been busy soldering vintage game pieces to make some more pendants and it was getting a tad "production" line like lol........In the middle of soldering a domino I caught sight of some vintage watch faces on my work table thinking they would make great faces.....and the domino well that could be a body.................anyways off on a tangent I go and here is the result! LOL

Okay so it's not for everyone and I'm thinking my freaky side is showing its head here but it's kinda funky don't ya think? lol

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Lone Female....besides me!

Here's my poor picked on Daughter.
Name: Chloe
Nickname: Clo, Bub
Hobbies: Basketball, Cricket, Scrapbooking, Talking!!
Age: 10
I do feel sorry at times for Chloe as she is surrounded by brothers and they seem to not want a sister around most of the time lol. Mind you Chloe has learnt well how to push boys buttons and give as good as she gets!! I keep warning the boys that she is probably going to be the biggest out of them all when they get older and that paybacks...........well we all know what they can be!!lol
Chloe loves school, the actual work part and more so the social part. She loves to talk.....nonstop without taking a breath a lot of the time lol.

She plays basketball and cricket and next year has told us all she wants to play football........that got the old boys hair standing up lol. I don't think she will actually play but if she does I say good on her!!

Chloe takes after her mother with her dress sense, or lack of really lol.....Oh I can dress up with the best of 'em but most of the time I just look daggy and Chloe has learnt well..actually she doesn't have much colour sense either so she sometime looks even daggier than me!lol

She loves sleeping over with pals and came home this past weekend with stacks of makeup on and the hair gosh she looked so grown up I wanted to scrub that face and knot that hair so it looked like normal.....don't want my little girl to grow up so fast! lol

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Son Number 2

Back to introducing my family.
This is my second born son.
Name: Jackson
Nicknames: Jack, Jacka, Little Wardy
Hobbies: Basketball, Football, Cricket, Fishing & Music
Age : 13
Jack is the complete opposite of his older brother really, if they didn't look alike you wouldn't believe they are brothers when it comes to personality!
Jack is a very caring and sensitive boy, very pedantic in everything he does........heck he is the only teenage boy who makes his bed and keeps his room clean without even being asked!

While he says he doesn't like school he manages to get good marks so that's a bonus too lol

He is very athletic like his brother and has also represented the league in various basketball tournaments as well as cricket.

He seems to be quite popular with the "ladies" lol but lucky for me he I think he still thinks girls have "girl germs" that don't last much longer!! lol
Oh and he has inherited his mothers warped and whacky sense of humour:)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Can't get going today

I just seem to be walking around getting nothing done today unfortunately. The weather is miserable and I think it's rubbing off on me! LOL

We had a touch of bad luck last night when a greyhound we race in a small syndicate, which was beginning to look like it might be quite a good dog, fractured its hock in a race. He is being operated on today so we are praying for a good outcome but it will take several months before we even know if he will race again. This has been playing on my mind and thus I'm finding myself very unmotivated today. Might just have to grab a bunch of mags and crawl up on the couch for the rest of the arvo lol

I did manage to finish off a few pendants I have been working on and thought I'd show some pics of a couple. I made these using dominoes and it was quite fun! Let me know what you think, I'd appreciate the feedback.

Now to the couch or not?????? LOL

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My First Born

Name: Matthew
Nickname: Matt, Matty, Wardy
Age: Almost 15
Hobbies: Cricket, Football, Basketball, Fishing
Okay so Matt is my eldest and the most "wild" of all my children. Not sure if it is just the age but he has the biggest attitude at the moment which if it doesn't end soon will drive me insane for sure! He "doesn't care" about anything and everything is "not fair"......are these sounding familiar to anyone as I'd hate to think I'm alone on this one lol.
Matt is not terribly academic but loves working with his hands and cooking....not so keen on the cleaning up after cooking bit though lol.
He is an excellent athlete and has won many best and fairest and other awards in Netball, basketball, cricket and football. Last year he played in a senior cricket team and won player of the match in a grand final at the tender age of 14. It was the first time I've seen him cry in a long time and boy was I howling like a big ole sook!!!LOL
He has represented our league at regional matches in cricket and his dream of course is to one day wear the baggy green for Australia.
It scares the bejeezus outta me to think he will have a license in a few years...where the heck did that time go????LOL